Updating Pricing, Discount and Return Options

As the publisher, you are able to update pricing information within your IngramSpark account. These price changes are scheduled and are effective on the first day of each month, to ensure a smooth update with our retail partners. Changes should be submitted at least a week before the scheduled update.

Instructions to Update Pricing - Video link here

You can update the price of your book, wholesale discount, or returns status by logging into your IngramSpark account, clicking on the title of your book, and then clicking on the blue square/pen edit button beside Market Pricing.

This is the verbiage you will see on your account when you submit a price change:

Please select an available effective date from the drop-down list below, prior to submitting your price and/or discount change(s). The price entered below will be made effective on the date you choose as the "Effective Date". You can change the list price for the markets that already have a list price or you can add a list price in a new market. If you need to remove a market, please contact the IngramSpark support team.

If the list price is printed on the back cover of your book, you will need to submit a cover revision for your title in addition to requesting the price change here.
Pending Price and/or discount change(s) cannot be edited within 5 days of the selected effective date. If your pending price change is within 5 days of the selected effective date, please select a new effective date from the drop down list available in order to make changes to your request.

*Please keep in mind that if you are changing a title from returnable to non-returnable, bookstores still have 180 days to return books. For more information on returns, click here

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