Evaluating Your eProof

Recommended items to consider while evaluating your eProof:
• Have your latest changes been incorporated?
• Is the pagination correct: odd-numbered pages on the right/recto and even numbers on the left/verso?
• Are the page items and text positioned correctly on the page?
• Does your proof contain any spelling or grammatical errors or typos that need to be corrected?
• Is the ISBN correct and identical on the cover as well as the copyright page?
• Does the price on the cover match the price in the title metadata?

Other considerations:
• eProofs should not be used to evaluate color or print quality. A physical copy should be reviewed to evaluate this.
• The cropping of both cover and interior is approximate and does not account for the manufacturing variance of 1/16” (2mm)
• eProof file sizes are limited to 2GB. Where a file is close to this limit, pages are removed from the middle of the content to reduce the file size. Where this happens you will see a watermark appear at the bottom of each interior page confirming that pages have been removed. Note: this only appears in the eProof file and does not apply when the book is printed.


Need more?

Read our eproof article at https://help.ingramspark.com/hc/en-us/articles/211155463-eProofs


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