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About eProofs

Whether you submit new title setup files or file revisions, you will always receive an electronic proof of your print book to review and approve. Your eProof is made available within 3-5 business days after your files are submitted.

Your eProof is an electronic representation of the way your book will print.  In reviewing the e-proof, you should look for issues related to the look of your book including:

  • text or images cut off of page or running into the gutter
  • images that have moved or are blurry
  • fonts or characters not displaying properly

When reviewing your eProof, it is important to remember that onscreen colors are representative and will not precisely match the printed version of your book. We recommend that publishers order at least one physical copy of their book before placing a large order.

***eProofs are available for print books only. Due to the nature of ePub files, we do not provide eProofs for eBooks. 

How to Review an eProof

A yellow Titles Pending Approval button will be featured on your Dashboard when an eProof is available to review.

Click on the yellow button and then the title of your book, written in blue. This takes you to the title approval page, where you can download your eProof. Click on the green download proof link.

Once you review your eProof, you may accept or reject it.


There are three options when you approve your eProof:

  • 1) Approve the title and put it in distribution
  • 2) Approve the title and keep it out of distribution until a later date (you can enable distribution at any time)
  • 3) Do not approve the title and rejects the eProof

If your title has never been in production and you reject your eProof, you may upload new files at no cost.

Because it is difficult to determine exactly what your book will look like until it is printed, we provide publishers with the option to approve the eProof, but keep their titles out of distribution until reviewing a physical copy.

If you decide you want to upload new files, you may do so by submitting a Revision. To submit a revision, click on the title of your book and the Upload New Files.


eProof Hairlines

When reviewing eproofs and PDFs, you will often see hairlines. These thin, light-colored lines are a result of a transparency flattener used by PDF creators and will sometimes appear around text boxes and masked images. Fortunately, these hairlines are only visible in your PDF and will not print when the book is produced. These lines may appear on both cover and interior files.


Please note that while the above examples are most common, hairlines may also present themselves in additional ways. If you have any concerns, it’s advisable to review your native working files to ensure the lines aren’t present. You may also order a printed copy of your book for review.


Things to Consider When Reviewing Your eProof

Recommended items to consider while evaluating your eProof:
• Have your latest changes been incorporated?
• Is the pagination correct: odd-numbered pages on the right/recto and even numbers on the left/verso?
• Are the page items and text positioned correctly on the page?
• Does your proof contain any spelling or grammatical errors or typos that need to be corrected?
• Is the ISBN correct and identical on the cover as well as the copyright page?
• Does the price on the cover match the price in the title metadata?

Other considerations:
• eProofs should not be used to evaluate color or print quality. A physical copy should be reviewed to evaluate this.
• The cropping of both cover and interior is approximate and does not account for the manufacturing variance of 1/16” (2mm)
• eProof file sizes are limited to 2GB. Where a file is close to this limit, pages are removed from the middle of the content to reduce the file size. Where this happens you will see a watermark appear at the bottom of each interior page confirming that pages have been removed. Note: this only appears in the eProof file and does not apply when the book is printed.


*Orders will not print unless the eProof is approved*

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