Global Connect Program

Global Connect is the Ingram Content Group program which enables your titles to be available to a wider network of printers around the world. Our Global Connect print partners will show your titles as available for that particular market and they will print them as orders come in from their local channels and retailers. Click the button and your US pricing automatically populates all Global Connect markets, and you will be paid for sales based on US pricing. No inventory, shipping, currency headaches or import/export issues to be concerned about.

With this expanded offering, we are establishing additional global print and distribution partners around the world. 

Benefits of Using Global Connect

• Eliminate shipping cost

• Eliminate the guesswork of determining how much inventory to print and ship

• Allows a publisher to add titles they may have been unwilling to offer to the market due to low or unknown sales potential

• Never miss a sale in the market

• Make titles available without dealing with local printer, unsecure file distribution or currency exchange

• Possible frontlist solution into foreign language markets


You can watch a video with more information about Global Connect here



What currency am I paid in? All payments to the publisher are calculated in US$ and paid in the currency the publisher normally receives. The payment currencies supported today are USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, and CAD.

Who sets the price in the local market? The publisher provides a price they will be paid for each book in US$ and the local partner will convert this to local currency, add margin and print cost, and then determine the price to sell the book in the market in local currency.

Are the books returnable? No, all sales are non-returnable through Global Connect. There is a return option for US, AU, and UK. Our return policy can be found in our User Guide.

What and how often do I get for reporting? We provide sales reports for GC sales monthly within the existing US POD publisher compensation statements. You can also run reports from your customer web account. This can be found under Reports Then Print sales reports.

When do I get paid? Payments are made to the publisher 90 days from the end of the month in which the sales are reported.

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