Variance in Trim Size (e.g. 1/16” Tolerance)

With our print-on-demand technology, each book is made in its entirety each time an order for the title has been placed. Because of this, each book may or may not be an exact copy of the previously manufactured book. Generally speaking, there may be a minimal amount of variance on the “look” of a book from order to order because the book is being re-manufactured each time. With this in mind, we make provisions for—and indicate in our User Guide—that there will be up to a 1/16” variation on any book manufactured by Lightning Source.

A vast majority of publishers are willing to accept this variance because of the many advantages (speed, price, zero inventory, etc.) that print on demand offers. We have produced over 100 million books to date, and our books have been found not only to be perfectly acceptable to the consumer, but also to be acceptable to virtually every publisher who use us for our print services.

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