How Long Will It Take for My Book to Show Up on Websites Like Amazon and Barnes and Noble?

We make your title information available to the distribution channel once your title is complete.

However, we do not control when your title will be on a specific retailer’s website, as each retailer updates the information on their site on a different schedule.

Under normal circumstances, a title should be available on most sites within four weeks of completion in our system. Please note that if you are a first time publisher, this time can extend up to 6-8 weeks. If your title is not showing up on a specific retailer site, this is probably isolated to that retailer. If it is one of our distribution partners, we will work with them to resolve the issue. If you have a specific publication date in mind for your book and have planned events and publicity around that date, it is recommended you set that title up at least 6-8 weeks before that date.

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