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One of the major benefits of using IngramSpark is the distribution that is offered. When you self-publish with IngramSpark, you have access to one of the industry’s largest global retailer networks.


What is distribution?


As an example, when retailers order products, they are typically purchased through a distributor or wholesaler such as Ingram. Ingram sells the products to bookstores, libraries or other retailers at a wholesale price, if the publisher provides a wholesale discount to Ingram. The bookstore or retailer then sells the product to consumers at the list price.



 How does distribution work?

When a bookstore or retailer wants to order a book, it is typically purchased through a distributor or wholesaler, instead of directly from the printer or publisher. With Ingram’s Print on Demand service, a retailer can order a title through Ingram Book Company, and the order prints, ships to, and arrives to the customer or store within a few days. The sale of the book is added to your monthly compensation report when it leaves our print facility, and you receive the compensation payment 90 days later. For more information about publisher compensation, click here



How do stores know about my book?

Ingram sends a metadata feed to our retail partners. The retail partners a will upload the metadata for your book to their website and will decide if they want to pick up the title and sell it through their website. A store can search for your book on Ingram's website or other websites and see the metadata linked to it.

*Ingram allows your book to be available for sale, but there is no guarantee that stores or libraries will order your book. We cannot guarantee sales.

*It is up to the author and/or publisher to market and promote the book to consumers, bookstores, retailers and libraries, so they know it is available for sale. More information on marketing can be found here


Who can order my book?

Any bookstore, online store, library, or school that Ingram Book Company (or any of our other  partners) distributes to can order your book.

How long does it take?

Once you enable your title for distribution, it typically takes 2-6 weeks before appearing on retailer websites or on a distributor or retailer’s internal ordering system.

Can I expedite the distribution process?

We are not able to rush the distribution process. When a title is first enabled for distribution, we send out a metadata feed,containing the book information, to our retail partners. How quickly the metadata is uploaded into the distribution database or retailer website varies and is not controlled by Ingram.

How can my customers order my book?

Customers are able to order your book through bookstores or online retailers.

Why can’t customers order through IngramSpark?

Customers need to order books through a retailer or bookstore. Only the publisher has access to direct printing and shipping costs through their IngramSpark account. 

How do I enable my title for distribution?

Enabling your title for distribution is quick and easy, and steps are included below and you can watch a video here.

  • When you log into your IngramSpark account, click on the title of your book, and scroll about halfway down your Title Details page. This brings you to a box with a blue button that says “Enable.”

  • Click the “Enable” button, and a new window will appear confirming that you want to enable distribution.

  • Once you confirm, you will be asked if you would like to promote your title in our Advance catalog (to read more about Ingram Advance, click here)

  • Once you have proceeded past the promote section, you will see a charge of $0.00 because there is no longer a distribution fee. Click “I Accept” and your title will be sent to the retailers in our network.enabling_DI_screenshot.JPG



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