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Submitting a Claim

Viewing a Claim Replacement Order

What if my order is returned to Ingram?


Submitting a Claim

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes errors occur in the printing process or with a delivery. If you believe there is an issue with your order, please let us know. You may submit a claim by following the steps below.

1. All claims should be reported within 90 of receipt. To report a claim through your IngramSpark account, Click on Orders > Submitted Orders > Report an Issue (the Report an Issue button is available for 90 days after an order has shipped).


2. Once you click Report an Issue, you'll see the page below. 


NOTE: Be sure to take photos of damaged or defective books and save them so you can upload the images using the BROWSE button shown in the image above.

3. In order for our Client Services team to accurately review your request, you’ll be asked to provide the following information:


NOTE: We will do our best to have the replacement order to your event on time, however, we cannot guarantee this. It depends on how much time there is to rush the printing of the replacement order and the expedited delivery options available to that area. If at all possible, it's best to place an order for the books you need, so you receive them one to two weeks in advance of an event.



If you select the Use A New Address option, you’ll be asked to enter a one-time shipping address for your replacement order.

4. Once you’ve completed all required information, click the Continue button at the bottom left side of the screen. You’ll then be able to review your order report, shown below.


5. If you’re happy with your order report, click the Submit button to send the report to our Client Services team.

Our client services team will review your order report and contact you within 3-5 business days.


****If there is a shipping issue with your order, keep the boxes and provide photos, which you will upload during this process (see image upload button). For large orders delivered on a skid (or a pallet) inspect the skid for any type of transit or forklift damage.   If you see any damage to the cartons or skids, sign the freight receipt noting the skids are damaged and describe the damage such as forklift holes in cartons or corner of cartons/skid is crushed from transit damage.  If time permits, open the cartons and count/note the number of damaged books.  If the driver will not wait, note on the receipt there is transit damage and sign it stating an inspection is required to determine extent of the damage. Then check the extent of damage to get a count of the damaged books. When that is done, provide images, as described above, and the number of damaged books (using the claim form) and we will work to file a claim for the damage with the carrier. If the freight receipt is not signed as damaged, requesting an inspection, it is virtually impossible to get a claim accepted by the carrier. 


Viewing a Claim Replacement Order

You can view claim replacement orders in your account. Because we oftentimes place the order internally, it will not appear in the "Submitted Orders" section with your other orders; however, you can see the claim replacement orders if you click on "Search for Orders." If you have search criteria, you can enter the information, or you can just click on "Search" without entering anything at all. Replacement orders typically begin with "RO-xxxx" and will appear in the order list.


What if my order is returned to Ingram?

Lightning Source (LS) only accepts and processes returned shipments of books delivered to its facilities, where the original shipment was undeliverable as addressed, or the customer refused delivery. It is the publisher’s responsibility to confirm delivery, return, or refusal. In the event a package is routed back to LS due to an incorrect address or refusal, LS will hold the package for five (5) scheduled business days for the publisher to provide disposition (delivery arrangements). LS is not responsible for packages remaining at our facility after 5 business days, except where Publisher has provided LS with disposition of such packages during this five-day period.

Books shipped by the publisher to their customer, which were received by their customer, must be returned directly to the publisher and not returned to LS. The publisher should submit a claim form, if needed and provide their customer's address for the replacement book, if requested. If a Publisher's customer ordered a book online or purchased from a bookstore and found the book defective or needing to be returned for some reason, the book should be returned to the retailer where it was purchased. Lightning Source assesses shipping fees per returned shipment.




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